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Autumn Beauty Essentials 


So today I’m going to talk to you about my Autumn Beauty Essentials. I’m slightly late in posting this as today is Nov 1st but I think we are still in the season of Autumn (Winter starts in December right?!). So Autumn, the time of year where the leaves fall to the ground, the air turns a tad crisper and the dark nights begin. Where your skin gets drier, flaky and dehydrated and your lips are chapped and rough. Yes that time of year were we introduce body butters and thick, heavy-duty moisturisers into our beauty routines and I’m going to tell you my favourites.

Let’s start with skin care.

During the Autumn and Winter months I like to step up my daily skin care routine to introduce more moisture to try and combat the dryness and flakiness my skin endures. I add an oil to my morning skincare routine and the one I like is the “Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil”. I apply this on a clean face underneath my moisturiser to give my skin the extra nourishing treat it needs. As Rosehip oil is high in essential fatty acids it helps improve texture, redness, skin tone and pigmentation. I also use “Kiehl’s Retexturizing Micro Dermabrasion” to slough away any dead skin cells. You can read an indepth review of this here.


Of an evening, before bed I adore using the “Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask“. This is a mask you apply before bed, and during the night it quenches your skin with mositure and the next day you awake with plumper, fresher looking skin. Fabulous!

One thing I really suffer with in the colder months is chapped lips. I must have spent a fortune on lip balms and could open my own shop selling them, but I have found my favorite one and it’s “Carmex“. It works to help protect your lips from the cold and it also soothes and protects but it’s not particularly great on lips that are already chapped. It’s more of a ‘stop-them-getting-chapped’ kind of lip balm. So if your lips are already chapped and full of dry skin you need a product to exfoliate the lips and the best one I’ve found is “Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub“. Oh my days, I just love the smell, but this is great for actually removing the dead skin and bonus…you can eat it!

L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink, Mac, Captive (Satin finish), Rimmel Kate 30 and NYX Soft matte lip cream in Madrid.

So once your lips are all smooth and flake free, it’s lipstick time. My go to colour for Autumn is a berry red and above are 3 of my faves. Fabulous shades and they all last! There’s nothing worse than a lipstick fading and leaving an outline around your lips, not with these, their staying powers are great. Also whatever the season, you can’t beat a good true nude. My fave is Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink. 

I can finally talk about this next subject and I’m so excited to announce I finally have nails! For years I have relied on arcyrilics and now I have kicked my dirty habit and eventually grown my own. One thing that helped my nails to grow was a nail and cuticle oil. I have been using this one from Boots for a couple of months, just massaging it into my nail beds and it’s made them stronger and more nourished. This colour varnish shown below is my current fave. Its “Maybelline Colour Show, in 353″.  A lovely deep red with a nice glossy finish. This paired with a top coat has lasted me for close to a week now and still going strong!


I love baths, I know you shouldn’t have your water too hot in a bath but I cannot resist! There is nothing better than a hot bath, with a nice bath oil and a load of candles. Talk about heaven! I have dry skin. In Autumn and Winter my skin sheds, peels and goes snake like. It’s pretty gross but I’ve always had super dry skin, so over the years I’ve really perfected my bath time routine. It always starts with an hour’s soak in the bath with Avon’s “Skin So Soft Bath Oil“. This range is so popular with Avon buyers and is a cult buy. It’s cheap as chips, smells delighful and solves tight, flaky dry skin. Followed by, a good scrub with The Body Shop “Glazed Apple Scrub“. This stuff smells lovely and does a pretty good job of tackling dry elbows and knees. Perfect for a pre-fake tan exfoliation!


I don’t know if there is much difference between a shower cream and a shower gel, (to be honest I don’t think there is.), but a ‘shower cream’ sounds more luxurious and in my mind I think that creams are thicker and filled with more mosturising properties. (I am a salesperson’s dream. I am aware of this). So with that in mind you cannot go wrong with “Elemis Frangipani Monoi Cream“. The smell of this stuff is divine. I’m literally sat here smelling the tube, it is seriously fit. Nothing else to say about the product other than it smells fit. Yeah sure it cleans well, lathers up nice, does everything a shower gel or cream is supposed to do, but the smell. Wow!

Aren’t Soap & Glory great? The ‘Righteous Butter‘ is one of the best moisturisers around in my opinion. It seems to keep on mosturising after it’s sunk into skin. It’s nice and thick, sinks in well and is another one that is good on the nose. They are always on ‘3 for 2’ at Boots so easy on the wallet as well. It’s my savior for keeping my dry, flaky, scaly skin at bay.

So folks that’s it from me. I hope you all enjoyed this post.

All products were bought by me and all views are my own.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,



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