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#Kilnerpopup at Rex Liverpool

So last night I was invited to the Kilner Pop Up event at Rex in Liverpool. I’m a huge fan of the Kilner range. I have an unhealthy amount of their preserve jars for the huge amount of chutneys I make for xmas presents for my family so this inviation was very much appreciated. Kilner were showcasing their new range of products for 2017 and there was also a huge amount of drinks and snacks (thanks to Bakchick and the Chocolate Cellar) and Kilners amazing Freakshakes to marvel over.

All the staff at the Kilner event were so passionate about their products and they are actually some of the research and development team. This really shines through when they are talking about Kilner’s ranges. No one better to promote a product than the designer, right?!


Kilner jars can be used for a variety of things from pickling to preserving; serving food and drinks and even filling them with bath salts for a Christmas gift. They are so useful and a staple in my kitchen.


The range of products on display was huge and my top 2 items were:

  • The Barrel Dispenser which is perfect for storing and decanting spirits, liqueurs and home infused drinks (such as sloe gin). It comes with a stopper on top which also doubles as a jigger. Genius!


  • The Spiralizer with Jar is fabulous. It offers the easy way to create spaghetti style spiral ribbons from a variety of hard vegetables as a healthier alternative to pasta. The Jar will collect your spirals directly from the cutting blade and the spare lid is the perfect way to store in the fridge or take your meal to work.

It is exclusive to John Lewis until January 2017 and then goes on general sale. You can buy it here.

All photos taken by Adam Bowles

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKMDyS7l8Vw&w=560&h=315]

If you want to check out more about Kilner you can find them here.

Thanks to all the lovely people at Kilner and Liverpool Bloggers for the invite.

See you all next time,



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