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Resolutions for 2017

I don’t usually make new years resolutions….Well I start the right way and in December I start planning all the amazing changes I want to make to my life; such as have more money, join a gym, eat healthier home cooked meals. However, by the end of January they are a distant memory and by February they might as well have not even existed! The problem is, I find I make resolutions that aren’t attainable. I kinda go all out and expect myself to become this amazing life coach with great organisational skills, that is cooking home cooked meals every day whilst doing as much exercise as an Olympian.

Let’s be real now, sometimes life gets in the way. This year I’m going to be kind to myself and make 5, hopefully achievable goals.


  1. Do more exercise.
  2. Save money.
  3. Invest more time in my blog and YouTube channel.
  4.  Meal plan every meal and use leftover ingredients.
  5. Get my house on point.

Do More Exercise

Every year exercise features on my list. This year I did something incredible. I joined a gym in January and every month a direct debit came out of my bank and as I’m sat here writing this blog post in December I can honestly tell you how many times I have been to the gym…….NONE! Yes that’s right, not even once. I definitely need to cancel that gym membership. So this year I’m going to try really hard to get exercise into my life. I actually enjoy exercise. But I need to find something that works for me.

Save Money

I’m not talking a huge amount here but I would like to start having some savings. This year we blew all of ours on a super posh honeymoon. So in 2017 I would like to start building a nest egg. I’m self employed and so is my husband, so we don’t have the most secure jobs in the world. I would love to have a little something saved to fall back on.

Invest more time in my blog and YouTube Channel

I love doing my YouTube channel. I have developed skills I never thought I could do. Editing for example; I can barely work my phone. I want to continue to make videos and up my channel views and subscribers.  I know not everyone is into beauty and fashion so I want to create more lifestyle videos on my channel. I started my blog in October and lifestyle is a subject I really enjoy writing about. My aim is to create more videos based on this subject. Also I want to learn more about WordPress. My blog is powered by them and I know the basics, honestly it’s like another language to me. But, I have promised myself to learn all about it.

Meal plan every meal and use leftover ingredients

I’m a huge fan of meal planning. I do it every week at the moment, but it’s usually just for main meals. 2017 is the year of online shopping for me and using all leftover ingredients. I hate throwing food away, it is literally one of my pet peeves. So I’m planning to use leftover ingredients from dinner and turning them into something magical for lunch. BBC food is my friend here. I adore it.

Get my house on point

I love, love, love my little house. It brings me so much joy. The living room does not. It’s half done. The 2-seater sofa doesn’t match the corner sofa, the bookcase is half full, the TV runs on gas, there are wires everywhere, the cat’s playhouse takes over a third of the room, the walls are bare of prints….You get my drift. Not exactly relaxing. So my aim in 2017 is to finish the living room. Once that is done I can move onto the void that is under the stairs…..We will see.

I’m planning to do a blog post in June to see how I’m getting on with my resolutions, don’t hold much hope!

Thanks for reading I’m off to cancel my gym membership.

Let me know your new year’s resolutions in the comments below.

Much Love,




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