10 Things I’ve learnt from being a driver

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10 Things I’ve learnt from being a driver


It’s nearly been a year since I passed my driving test and what a year it’s been. I never thought I would be a driver. I just didn’t have the urge to drive as most other people did. I excelled at being a passenger. I was a great passenger, I never got road rage or got mad at people for stealing our car park spaces. That never happened. Honest(!)


So at the tender age of 32 I passed my driving test on my 2nd attempt. I’m not bitter that I didn’t pass first time, really, (LIE), this is the first time that I’ve spoken about it without flying into a rage. Within an hour of passing my husband had insured me on my car and sent me out into the streets of Liverpool for my first drive alone. Hint much?! I remember being given one piece of advice by my friend that really stood out to me, “Everyone’s a k***head, that’s all you need to know” and she was right.


10 things I’ve learnt

  1. It’s always better to reverse onto a driveway
  2. Taxi drivers apparently own the road
  3. Buses don’t obey the adage ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’. They have their own version, it goes like this. Indicate, check if it’s clear, notice it’s not, pull out anyway and give abuse to the person who was trying to overtake while it was safe and clear to do so.
  4. That the skill of parallel parking is #lifegoals
  5. That the ability to change a tyre is an actual thing. I thought I would never need to change a tyre, turns out I did, within 6 months of passing. Who knew? I thought I would get away with it.
  6. People are impatient.
  7. Defrosting the car is one of the biggest chores of all time. Tip: Watch Friends on Netflix while car is defrosting.
  8. That Cyclists never stop at a red light
  9. Always have baby wipes in the car, and never drink a green smoothie in the car without making sure your lid is tightly screwed on. You’re welcome.
  10. Even though it’s against the law and you get a massive fine and 6 points for using your phone, this still doesn’t stop people. Seriously, get off your phone. Idiot!


Happy driving folks!

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