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You’re fired!

Yesterday was fun. Myself and the rest of my department were made redundant.

I started this new job back in July. It was supposed to be my new career after a life of being a professional dancer/choreographer. I was getting fed up with never being at home, always working, no pension, no paid holidays, no security(!)


Instead, it turned out to be a short-lived career full of disappointment, a gain in weight and a life lesson.

Before this job, I had been self-employed for most of my working life, and now having worked in a “9 to 5” I can honestly say that  I am not made for that life. I don’t respond well to it. I am a creative soul, I need space to walk around. I can’t instantly become “creative” when I’m sat behind a desk.

Bored Female Office Worker At Desk

My role was social media management. Yes really, Social Media. I was getting paid to run clients’ social media accounts. When I left school we didn’t even have a computer at home! How times change eh?

I enjoyed my job, I loved coming up with ideas and campaigns for social media. I loved designing graphics and editing video. I loved running paid adverts and seeing the spike in analytics when you’ve created a strong campaign.


But it wasn’t to be. I’m trying to stay professional here and not get too personal as I’m fully aware this is the internet and once shit goes live it never goes away. But, I truly believe there is a way to do things and the way that my ex-employer handled my dismissal was truly awful. I have witnessed some dodgy dismissals over the years but I’ve never been made redundant over the phone before. Yes really. The phone. 

Anyways, moving on. My plan was to never stay in that job for too long, I wanted to gain experience in running multiple client accounts and I got it. Thanks, Foundd.

My ultimate plan is to be running my own blog and Youtube channel full time. Until that happens I will be running a business with my husband. We’ve worked together for the majority of the time we’ve known each other and we are a great team. Granted it’s always been in entertainment but media production is kinda the same thing, right?!

So, my husband is a whizz in photography, video production and editing. I am the more “Sociable” one. We’re both a dab hand with graphics and imaging so we thought, let’s combine our talents and create a media production company. Say hello to Mersey MediaFB_IMG_1541694053528We will be an in-house company that can provide businesses and brands with social media management, promotional media, video and photography.

If anyone fancies supporting us our social links are here: Facebook and Instagram. We would love a cheeky like and a share. Website soon to come and hopefully exciting times to follow!

Thanks for reading, I’m off to the Asda to scramble in the reduced section for tonight’s tea!



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