2018: My year in review.

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2018: My year in review.

Happy New Year!

Now that 2018 is nearly over I thought now would be a perfect time for this blog post. I wanted to talk a little about 2018 and things I have learned, things to improve on, and things going forward.

2018 was a year that has taught me a lot. Mainly to realise that you aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. And you know what? I’m fine with that. I only want to surround myself with good people with good morals. I’m super lucky to have people in my life that are decent people with good souls, I value ALL of my friends and love them dearly and I have no problem with cutting people out of my life that I get nothing from. I believe friendships should work both ways and I haven’t got time for people who don’t put the effort in. Life is too short!

2019 is also going to be a year where I really need to start thinking about myself. Spending most of my life self employed I have always been used to running around and doing 547677 jobs at a time. Nope, not anymore. I need to find a better work-life balance. Since quitting gigging full time it’s gotten better but I’m not there completely yet. I will find it though.


Gigs and performing have taken a back seat this year. I always told myself I would stop performing when I no longer enjoyed it and this year I stopped enjoying it. I’m so lucky to have a long and successful career as a dancer. I was going for 15 years professionally and have been performing since I was a kid. I have loved every second of dancing and it feels strange that I no longer define myself by my career. Dancing was not just a career, it was a lifestyle choice and now my life has moved in a different direction. I will miss the lights, the rush of adrenaline, the ‘in-jokes’, the life-long friends you make, the contracts abroad and the hours and hours of dancing. I won’t miss the shit pay, the not getting paid, the constant struggle of comparing yourself against others, the constant watching of your weight, the traveling, the bullshit! Anyways it was fun while it lasted, who knows, I may even return one day!

Work, well where do I begin? Regular readers of my blog will know that I gave up my performing career earlier on in the year to begin a new career in Social Media Management with an SEO based company in Liverpool, that didn’t go to plan. You can read more about that here.. Since I was made redundant in November, myself and my Husband started our new company together, Mersey Media. It’s all going well and we are hoping to push forward with that when we return from our holidays.

Up until last week I was still looking for some part-time work though, as anyone who has started their own business will know that things can be slow to start off so you need to have something else as a safety net. I saw my dream job online and applied thinking I wouldn’t stand a chance. The job was defined into 3 parts and it’s for a brand that I have admired for years. I got invited to an interview and a couple of days ago I was offered the role. I will be revealing more about my new job soon but it’s in the same industry as my previous job and I’m so excited to get started.

Who knew that the little hobby that I started years ago has led me to work in the Marketing and Social Media Industry. I’m mostly self-taught and have spent years reading blogs, watching YouTube Videos, reading how-to books ‘til the early hours of the morning! It’s definitely paid off!

I don’t believe in resolutions, I believe in changes. Going forward into 2019 these are the 5 changes I would like to make. 

  • Continue to recycle and make a conscious effort to live a greener lifestyle with less waste.
  • Travel and explore.
  • Maintaining my friendships and surrounding myself with good people.
  • Work on finding a better work-life balance.
  • Improve my photography and video editing skills.

I’m spending the first 16 days of 2019 with my boy and we are exploring Thailand. We are super lucky to have traveled to most of the world in the past 10 years or so but Asia is somewhere we have never been before. I hope this is the start of a brand new adventure for us and we can’t wait to start exploring.

That’s my round up of 2018, what’s been the highlights of your year?

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