Why I love January

Why I love January

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that January is my favorite month, I mean…come on. But it’s pretty high up there as much as June, July, September is (best month, next best month until the kids break up and my anniversary month!)

It’s a month of new. New body. New habits. New notebooks. New resolutions and new socks (thanks Mum).

I love the freshness, the positivity that everyone has in the first 3 days of the year. Everyone is a bit skint so there are some fantastic offers on and you give your liver a chance to recoup from that massive dent you put in that bottle of gin. 

I don’t know about you but I’m so thankful when January begins and the social events dwindle. Ain’t no one got the effort for ANOTHER night out. Really cannot be bothered at the thought of doing another layer of tan. My nails need filling in and my spanx cannot stretch another inch. I want to lay on the sofa in my new Christmas pjyamas and the only place I’m planning on going to is the kitchen to fill up my water bottle. Dry January is in full swing in this house.

Not to mention I’m so exhausted. All the Christmas prep takes it out of me. From the shopping to the cleaning, oh the bloody Christmas clean. This year was a record – 3 days it took me. House was filthy. So those precious first few days of January, you can guess what I was up to. Yes, sleeping. 8 hours a night and it was glorious! Even my Fitbit agreed, I had sleep scores of 86!

The new starts are great. I’m a sucker for a notebook and I adore the feeling of starting a new book at the start of a new year. The endless lists I can make overcome me and I started this year with a 3 weekly menu and shopping list. I know, totally extreme but I don’t care. The blank pages needed filling and I was desperate to use my new recipe folder! I spent a whole 6 hours in front of the Nutcracker with the printer, folder, label maker and plastic folders and what fun was had. This is the reason why I should not have days off work btw. 

The ‘New Year New Me’ quotes have me gagged. I hate motivational quotes, they inspire most people. Not me. They do the complete opposite every other month of the year. Make me want to stay in the “old me” just to spite you. Why does a new year dictate a new you? No one knows but it does, even me. I’m probably the biggest cynic going but you can guarantee that even I am partaking in Dry January, eating healthily, getting my steps in and going to the gym everyday. YEP. Why? Because it’s January. New Year, New Me innit!?

However, New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken right? I mean if you’re still going to the gym in March then I salute you. One of my favourite things to do is compare my yearly New Year’s Resolutions blog posts and comparing them with how long I actually lasted. Last year’s were a turning point for me, I actually completed some of them.

  • Continue to recycle and make a conscious effort to live a greener lifestyle with less waste.

I definitely tried with this one, I’ve bought a lot of beauty products from eco based companies and recycled packaging.  I have not brought a single plastic bag when out shopping. That’s not to say I’ve remembered my bags for life every time, I haven’t, but I have learnt to buy a bigger handbag. I have also bought a lot of clothes from ebay and charity shops resulting in me buying less fast fashion.

  • Travel and explore.

Well I started the year off in Thailand so that’s a pretty big one. To be honest, the travelling stopped after then as our money ran out and we started a business but we did discover a fabulous log cabin retreat in Suffolk, watch what we got up to here.

  • Maintaining my friendships and surrounding myself with good people.

Yes! I love this one, I can honestly say that I’ve never had a bigger support network around me and I’m so bloody thankful for my friends. This year has definitely made me realise who my friends are and I know that because they make an effort. Friendship is definitely a 2-way street. 

  • Work on finding a better work-life balance.

Fail! Complete and utter fail but I am trying again with this one this year! Read more about why I failed here.

  • Improve my photography and video editing skills.

Yassssssss! Tick! That’s not to say I’m where I want to be, far from it but I know a lot more about photography and video now than ever I did and I’m now annoying Adam more than ever on shoots and client bookings. #sorrynotsorry. Still more work to be done though and I will be at the top of my game soon, this year is the year!

So, that’s it from me folks, all my reasons why I love January.

Are you a lover of it or would you rather it flew by in a second? Let me know in the comments,

See you on the next one, 



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