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Why I won’t be Hinching

I’m just gonna throw it out there and say I’m not a fan of Mrs Hinch.

I like a super clean house and if only I knew that filming me cleaning my bin would have made my Insta flare up I would have done it years ago. I’m actually gutted I never thought of sharing my cleaning routine until now. So now that I’m writing about cleaning my house I look like I’m trying to jump on the Hinch Army following. I’m not. I’m simply trying to show people another way to clean without using 54,683,833 cleaning products.

Plus what’s with all the grey? And don’t even get me started on the toilet roll stamp ?

For the record, I’ve always enjoyed cleaning. I was actually a self-employed domestic cleaner for a couple of years and I really enjoyed cleaning for a living. I was also overjoyed that when I left cleaning, my clients never found a cleaner as good as me (their words, not mine). *does a happy dance*

So yeah, I like to clean. I also like to live in a clean house. I know there are more important things in life than a sparkling clean house but in my life, a clean house is important to me so I thought I would share my ways if anyone is interested.

In my opinion, you really don’t need all this (below) to clean your house. This is a crazy amount of cleaning products. I will never get my head around this amount of consumerism it’s ridiculous. People you are cleaning a house not a bloody hotel.  You really don’t need 3 different cleaning products for a hob, wow. Think of the turtles, hun.

These are my favourite cleaning products. Yep just these.


Zorflora is diluted and used in spray bottles, I have 3 scents, one for downstairs, one for the bathrooms and one for upstairs. They are used on day to day things, like, door handles, furniture, windowsills. I also use it diluted in a bucket with hot water for spring and winter cleaning and fridge cleaning.

My Zoroflora Collection

Cif Cream is the absolute best thing to use for sinks, hobs and bathtubs. Bleach is used to clean out the bin, down the loo and occasionally sinks and floors (if the cats are out).

Washing up liquid is used for loads of things; to wash down the front of my cupboard doors in the kitchen (best thing to use for grease, amazing); for my UPVC doors inside and out; to wash down garden furniture (anything that needs hot soapy water) and glass if it’s really dirty.

Method spray is fit, like seriously fit. I use one on the kitchen worktops and if I’m feeling fancy I also have a bathroom one for upstairs that I love. It’s the best smell ever! I also use their daily shower spray for a quick go on our shower cubicle. That paired with a squeegee is the easiest way to keep your shower clean.

I also have a water spray and an e-cloth that I use for glass. If you are still using glass cleaner, you need to get onboard the e-cloth trend.

Flash is the only way to clean your floor and with a mop and bucket. I’m not a fan of steam mops. More faff than they are worth.

Specialist products are from HG. Their grout spray is fab and I also love their Mould spray for when things have gone a bit too far.

As for oven cleaning I have a number of a really fab companies that I use. No one has got time for that.

One thing that I found when I was a cleaner was people would buy you 75,537,843,287 products to clean their home with and then they’d give you like one cloth. OK, that’s a bit awkward. After telling them I would need more cloths like 10,000 times I just gave up and kept an emergency cloth stash hidden in the boot of my car. One client actually tried to give me a chamois car cloth to clean his kitchen worktop with.


I have a bucket full of different cloths. Yes, I am aware of how this makes me look.


So the long and short of it is:

J Cloth – One each for loo cleaning and then lashed in the wash (I can’t be doing with wipes, you need about a 100 to do a good job and they are so bad for the environment).

Multi-Purpose dishcloths – General cleaning, worktops, kitchen cupboards, bathroom etc.

Microfibre Cloths  – Buffing and making stuff streak free and shiny, great to use on stainless steel hobs, light sockets and taps. I also use after washing down my kitchen cupboards to dry them and make them sparkly. Can also be used to damp dust and dry for a quick flick over skirting boards.

IMG_1426Small Hand Towel – I use this for basically drying my bathroom before I buff with microfibre cloths to get rid of the watermarks before they dry.


E Cloth – The only thing I will ever use on glass, don’t ask me how they work but they just do. Look here for why you need one in your life.



Also not forgetting cleaning implements, this sounds so dodgy ?

Squeegees are life, like seriously. I can’t remember how I ever used to clean my shower doors without them. Also, I appreciate a good scrubbing brush. I am aware that I sound like a cleaning perve ?‍♀️ but our tiles in our shower cubicle are a fricking nightmare to clean as they are all uneven and wonky. Not done by a shit tiler, just the design of the tiles, what were we thinking ??

Anyhow, the scrubbing brush works wonders on them, I have a tile scrub while I’m in the shower waiting for my hairmask to take. Multitasking and a bit of shower cardio, why not?! And because I’m 5 foot 2 and a half, a long-handled microfibre duster comes in handy for picture rails and corners of the cellings. Tall people, I envy you.  And not forgetting the toothbrush, sometimes there are fiddly little bastard bits to clean. Push-down plugs anyone? Only a toothbrush will do.


To be honest, I don’t spend a lot of money on cleaning products, I buy most of mine from Home&Bargains and they tend to last me a while. I replace them every 4 to 6 months I’d say. The Method ones I tend to wack on an Ocado order when I’m getting the cat food and they are probably the most costly ones. I like to have enough of everything in though. The minute we start on a new product, a replacement gets added to our joint shopping list. I know, I know, a joint shopping list but I swear it’s worth its weight in gold for us. There is no more of Adam “telling me” that we’ve run out of something, you know, that magical way your husband tells you something without ever actually opening his mouth.  So now we are one of those smug couples with an online shopping list.

I’m going to stop talking now before I move onto why I think Dyson hoovers are a big pile of rubbish. This blog post is so much longer than I intended it to be, sorry. I can’t help it, I bloody love cleaning.

I will continue this soon though, maybe I can even write a cleaning schedule **oooooo happy dance again**

Thanks for reading,





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