All hail the flat shoes πŸ™Œ

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All hail the flat shoes πŸ™Œ

I actually can’t believe I’m writing a blog post about my love for flat shoes. It’s official…I’m old and I barely recognise myself. I was always a heels girl. Poor Adam met me in a time we’ll call P.U. (Pre Uggs). That was such a glamorous time. I was the girl about town, weekly shop done in heels, clothes shopping in town was always in at least a 4″ heel. Nights out, well that’s when the big boys came out, platforms, stripper heels, you name it I had them. I literally used to hop into a black cab to take me between drink stops of a Saturday night because I was in my β€˜car-to-bars’.

Now? Well, the other night I went into a pub in trainers. Actual training shoes. Fit ones like, I had my Fila’s on but still, what has happened to me?

The curse of the flat shoe has reared its ugly head and I blame Sketchers and Uggs. They won’t feature in this blog because they are ugly AF but Jesus Christ they are like having your own personal foot cloud.


Here are some of my flat faves:

IMG_2424Fila Disrupter

Fila DisrupterFila Disrupter are just the fittest things in the world. I love the nod to the 90’s with the raised sole and just like Bruno Mars I appreciate all things Chunky! They aren’t cheap but fit things like this often aren’t and they definitely run slightly on the small side so try before you buy.

Brogues are probably the closest thing I’ve got to a “sensible shoe” and ironically my Mum bought them for me. I love these. Not gonna lie, they were bloody uncomfortable at first, but once I’d persevered with them, the rock hard leather gave way to buttery glorious suppleness and now they are perfect for the preppy look I sometimes aim (and fail) at.

Leopard-print Flatforms are life! Literally. I love them 😍 They can be worn with anything and they give me a bit of extra height cos sometimes 5ft2 and a half isn’t just quite enough! And of course, they are leopard print πŸ™Œ


I seriously own enough leopard print to make Bet Lynch proud.

Saltwater Sandals are my version of a really good pair of jeans. You know that classic choice where you really feel like you’ve got your shit together by owning them?

IMG_2418Saltwater sandals are perfect for any sophisticated city breaks you may have planned. They last for years, like they were designed during World War 2 for christ’s sake. Anyways, these will make your resort wear pop on that city break to Venice and also save your feet from all that walking.IMG_2419

Oh and if you happen to drink a tad too much of Prosecco at lunch and fall into the Grand Canal then at least your shoes will still be going strong as they are waterproof and actually respond well from getting a bit wet as it softens the leather. Size up though!

Flip flop life. I lived in flip flops in Thailand. So much so that my trusty pair of Havaianas died and I’ve yet to replace them so I’m showing you a cheapo pair of Primark ones but I love flip flops!


I definitely get this from Lynn (My Mother) as she has been known to head out in the middle of Winter in hers. I’m not that strange but I do appreciate a bit of air to my feet. Sometimes feet, like houses, need a bit of airing out and what better way to let the wind between your toes than in a flip flop? There is nothing better than when you’re on your holidays and reaching straight for the flip flop, easy to put on and enabling you quick access to the bar for when you need a bev.

Ain’t no straps and buckles getting between me and my bevvy 🍺

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