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What I consider my Classic beauty products
Adjective: classic
Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
I’m a fan of classics, whether it be books, cars, clothes, films.  I think there is room for classic products in everyone’s life and today I’m sharing my favourite beauty products. You know the type, the Cult ones. The products your Nan had in her bathroom cupboard and the ones that never seem to go out of fashion no matter how many new dupes or similar versions become available in this current climate of rapid retail. They’ve stood the test of time.
Let’s start at the very beginning and that’s with skincare. There are 2 products that I adore and I simply won’t be without them. Nivea blue tin is the first. I remember my Nan having this in her cupboard, back in the day and who knew I would be loving it this far on?

No matter how complicated my skincare could get in the future when I eventually bring in Retinoids etc, I don’t think I will ever stop using Nivea Blue Tin or by its correct name, Nivea Creme. My skin adores it. Literally. It drinks it up. It’s the eternal answer for my dry flaky skin and even though it contains no anti-ageing properties, it helps keeps the skin supple and look young and fresh. I use it when I’m feeling a bit dry and weekly as a moisturising overnight mask. Probably no good if you’re greasy or oily, but if you’re a fellow ‘dry as a bone’ skinned lass like me, your skin will thank you. Trust me.

Nivea Creme’s unique preservative free formulation has remained under lock and key since its birth in 1911 so it’s definitely worthy to be in my running for Classic Beauty picks. niv


Now us Millennials like to think that we created everything right? But even I was shocked to learn that cleansing balms were a thing back in 1910! Turns out Ponds Cold Cream was quite the hit back then. I don’t think they removed it with a hot muslin cloth like, but here am I thinking that the first cleansing balm to be released was Lush Ultrabland. I remember the revelation of people when they discovered it. I don’t think their face had ever felt so clean! Turns out people had clean faces before the days of Ultrabland, who knew?

Anyways, cleansing balms, hot cloth cleansers, cleanse and polish, whatever you want to call them, I’ve tried them all. And guess which is the best for my dehydrated skin? You’ve guessed it, Ponds Cold Cream. Plus if it’s good enough for the Drag Queens on Ru Paul, it’s good enough for me.


Heading onto Make up, I’ve got 3 choices here. Not as old as the previous 2 admittedly, but they’ve still got some worthy years of great reviews and made it into my make up bag on several occasions.
My first choice is Nars Orgasm Blush. Disclaimer: Nars is probably my favourite make up brand of all time, but I do think that this Blush is worthy of all the hype. It’s a beautiful soft coral colour with an ever so slight shimmer. Its pigmentation pay off is incredible. It suits and flatters most skin tones and due to its lightweight texture, it’s super easy to apply. It’s always been my go-to blush of choice since my first purchase nearly 10 years ago now. Since it’s release date back in 1999 the hype has gotten so big that it’s range has reached to a whole collection including a lip gloss, highlighter and nail polish!
Hourglass is a fairly new brand and quite a swish one if I do say so myself. One of their main products is their Ambient Lighting Powder. Now, these powders are immense.  They are designed to capture, diffuse and to soften harsh light and conceal imperfections. Sound too be good to be true? Believe me, they work. You know when you just wish your skin looked better? Well this powder will do the job, it’s like a Snapseed filter. Everyone looks better with a little mood lighting – thankfully, Hourglass have captured the effects of the most flattering light forms (from morning light to candlelight) in this beautifully buttery powder. Available in 6 shades, but my favourite shade is Dim Light. It’s literally your own skin – but better. I will always have this as a solid staple and have done since 2017. Capture
Mac Lipsticks are the best lipsticks. Ever. Their matte range is my fave and doesn’t leave your lips looking like you haven’t had a sip of water since 2002. They are a cult product for a reason. Reason 1, the pigmentation is fabulous resulting in minimal touch-ups. Reason 2, the packaging is small and sleek and easy to fit in a handbag. Reason 3, the insane amount of shades. Reason 4, they are butterly and super smooth and easy to apply. Reason 5, they last for bloody ages, I’ve had my trusty Russian Red for like 4 years now.
Warning, buy at your peril. They become highly addictive.
That’s it from me, I would love to know what your favourite products are, I’ve still got room in my make up bag for a couple of new products!
See you on the next one,

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