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Guest Blog – Top Ten Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Hey all. Welcome to my first guest blog. Now you all know from last years blog post that I’m not a massive fan of Valentines Day so I have decided to hand over this months blog post to someone who knows it much better than I do! Say hi to Mark. He has picked some quirky and unusual gifts to save you getting your fella another Lynx set! There’s also some boss choices for the gals too. Give it a read and check out more of Marks workย on and follow him on Twitter here.

We’re still recovering from the craziness of Christmas (some of us are still putting away the last remaining deccies!), and yet Valentine’s Day is already imminent. That means that loved-up couples will be thinking about ways to mark the occasion with something special. Now, quite a few people don’t believe in Valentine’s, suggesting that a couple have every other day of the year to express their love for one another. And that may be true, but that would mean this article stopping right here, and that wouldn’t be very interesting, would it?

Therefore, for those who are planning to give their partner a present or two on February 14th (a Friday this year, which is helpful to say the least!), we’ve got some ideas for the best gifts you can purchase ahead of the big day. Our list is broken down into five gifts that are specifically suited for your man, and five gifts tailored towards the lady in your life. We haven’t mentioned the usual chocolates, flowers and teddies, because they are par for the course; these suggestions are for those who want to make that extra effort towards ensuring that this Valentine’s is a day to remember for you both. So, let’s get to it!

For The Missus – A Personalised Necklace

To begin with, let’s think about a special piece of jewellery that can provide a unique touch. A personalised necklace containing the initials or even the full name of your girlfriend, wife or fiancรฉ not only provides them with some cool new bling, but it is an item that is specific to them, allowing them to stand out from the crowd as well as highlighting the bond that exists between you both. Not On The High Street have a range of personalised necklaces available, coming in a wide range of materials, colours and designs. Check them out here.

For Your Fella- A Personalised Bracelet

As for your boyfriend, hubby or soon-to-be-hubby, a personalised bracelet can achieve the same effect. Whenever he checks the time on his watch or whenever he rolls up his sleeves, he will see his name inscribed as a reminder of the love between the two of you, especially if you happen to pick accessories that are a perfect match. If you are feeling churlish and your man is a red, the official Liverpool Football Club personalised men’s copper bracelet is extra-special (just don’t buy it if your fella is a blue-nose though!).

For The Missus – A Spa Day

Girls will agree that there are few things more relaxing than having a massage, a facial or a body scrub as you close your eyes and drift away. Rather than purchasing a specific treatment, though, why not buy your partner a gift card that covers the entire day and includes every major treatment possible, all with the knowledge that she can simply lay there and chill. We particularly recommend Allure Medispa just off Clarence Street, as Kelly and the team will make sure your special lady is looked after properly.

For Your Fella – A Retro Console

Just as appealing as modern videogames consoles are those from the past, with the recent mini versions of classic platforms offering a heavy slice of nostalgia, especially for guys who have kept in touch with their mates from those glory days. Amongst the plethora of options are the Sega Mega Drive Mini, which brings 40 vintage Sega titles together in one place (Game stock the console for ยฃ69.99). Who could have known that a furry blue hedgehog could lay the path towards your man having an unforgettable Valentine’s Day?

For The Missus – A Sparkling Dress

Chances are that you’ll want to go out into the town on Valentine’s Day (unless of course your fella has become distracted by his new retro games console!). If that’s the case, then why not treat your girlfriend to a stunning new dress for her to wear for the first time during the evening. We want to give a special mention to the solo red sequin mesh dress available at Debenhams, which mixes a blend of seductive colours with a spectacular design, and it will leave an impact not only on Valentine’s, but also for many more nights to come.

For Your Fella – Some Trendy Boxers

Your man is always going to need some boxers, but it might be a good idea to swerve the pants adorned with love hearts, and you probably don’t want your guy to turn up on the night in cheap and cheerful bills either. Instead, go for the classics, a brand which are also easy on the eye. Calvin Klein boxer shorts provide plenty of comfort and room, with a striking waistband and warmth for his legs when your man goes to sleep. Sports Direct currently have a special offer of two pairs for ยฃ20, which also allows you to mix and match various colours.

For The Missus – A Framed Photograph

Ultimately, Valentine’s is about celebrating the relationship between two people, and what better way to emphasise how much you love and appreciate one another than to create a framed picture documenting a momentous occasion. It could be a pic from the first big holiday you enjoyed together (at the resort, not when yous were standing and waiting at the airport), an image from a family party, or even a joint-selfie when yous were messing about on the couch. Whatever the case, this gift is always a winner, and Photobox have many options to choose from.

For Your Fella – A Card Game

This gift has a dual benefit. On the one hand, yous can enjoy an adult card game together over a few drinks and plenty of laughs, especially if yous decide to stay in for Valentine’s (hey, it might be peeing down on the night). On the other hand, this gift will also give your man and the other lads he knocks around with something to do when you and the girls head out into town one evening down the line. Yous could even all play this together as one lrge group, which is why games like Cards Against Humanity have proven to be so popular.

For The Missus – Endless Movie Nights

Few things are more romantic than a date night at the cinema, but what if your girlfriend had an infinite number of opportunities to go to the pictures? The Odeon Limitless card allows the lady in your life to have a, well, limitless choice of options at the local Odeon cinema. Whether she’s into rom-coms, chick-flicks, thrillers or horrors, this present will give her the chance to go whenever she wants at no extra price, meaning that Date Night might become Every Night (though the actual film Date Night would have to be a DVD thing at this point).

For Your Fella – Some Chino Trousers

We’ve already mentioned some fashion choices, but we’ll cap things off with another addition to your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Chino trousers are a suitably stylish and eye-catching way for your man to dress as he heads out with you for the big night. They’re clear, they will fit just right, and they are a cut above the usual jeans that he wears on a typical evening (and the less said about his trackie bottoms the better). We particularly recommend the Stretch Chinos available at Next, which come in multiple colours.

Hopefully, we have given both men and women some ideas to think about here. There is still time ahead of Valentine’s Day for you to purchase a gift that will blow his or her mind, and you may just receive one of the presents listed above. If that’s the case, we will have served our purpose to ensure that the both of you have a great Valentine’s Day 2020! (Just don’t complain to us if he gets frustrated after losing on Street Fighter II.)

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