My Weekly Round Up

My Weekly Round Up

Such a thrilling week here at Chez Bowles, from buying Llama planters, hitting 1 thousand followers on my Insta and to my first pint in over 4 months it’s definitely been a week of firsts!


Started the day off right with ‘The Machine’ (Courtney Black). Managed 2 workouts back to back which absolutely killed me. I recovered by sitting in child’s pose for a good 20 mins after. Must remember to wake up to eat something pre workout. Can’t deal with the post-workout shakes.

Worked from home for the rest of the day and got into a cracker of an argument trying to cancel my Fabletics account. Didn’t actually want to cancel, just wanted to return a pair of leggings, but their online returns system is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Despite me tweeting my honest opinion of it they failed to get back to me. Ended up calling them and got put through the most annoyingly cheerful American person ever. He wasn’t so cheerful after I gave him down the banks. Hung up the phone on him as he refused to listen to me and kept talking over me. Rude. I then called back to cancel my account to spite them. Had to call back again to cancel my Just Fab account as they can’t cancel both accounts on the same phone call. Hate THEM! I’ve kept the leggings despite me telling them I would send them back, HA! They’re far too long, must sort that out. Went for a rainy walk to try and get my 10,000 steps in and ate a very beige tea of fish. Not my best effort.


Lovely cleaning day, massive kitchen and bathroom clean which always leaves me feeling rather joyus. Afternoon workout completed with The Machine. Boxing this time with weights (this time I actually used 2kg weights instead of tins of chickpeas) the pain was intense. Then The Machine told us to grab our resistance band. I realised I didn’t have my usual excuse of ‘I dont have one so I have to skip it’. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my latest Amazon delivery of not 1, or 2 but 3 resistance bands. Great. Dammit. So off I trotted to get it. Well, that was fun. Jesus wept, the burn was real people.

Spent the afternoon on Whatsapp catching up on voice notes. I bloody love voice notes. Aren’t they great fun? Typing is so passé. Tuesday evening is one that I will never forget. I experienced Click and Collect for the first time and it was glorious. I’m not even being sarcastic. It was honestly brillant. You drive through, and then drive off without speaking to a single person! You don’t even get out of your car. They open the boot for you, shopping goes in and then boom….You’re away! Life-changing. I’ve booked my next 2 in. I can’t get enough! Like, do other people know about it?!


Lazy morning spent in bed till 10.30. I worked from my phone but mostly was spent dozing in and out of sleep let’s be honest. Procrastinated to the hilt after that. Yesterday’s workout put me off. I blame the resistance bands. They look so innocent. Like a nice stretchy pastel green band, all girly and pretty. Not so innocent when you’re halfway through your glute workout and in agony because you can feel every single fibre of the tendon of your glute being pulled apart. Cheers for that.

Voice noted some more and took a trip to a DIY shop to get some varnish because my shelf for the hallway had finally arrived! Ordered a solid wood shelf in Natural Oak and when it turned up I realised that I actually don’t like natural wood so painted it white to match my hallway. Bit gutted that I spent so much on a solid wood shelf, turns out a cheapo one from Argos would have done the job but it’s very sturdy. Made a note to buy more bits for the shelf, especially now it’s so well built! Also, I remembered that my Mother In Law is a fabulous seamstress so chucked her over the Fabletics leggings to take up! Bonus.

Attempted to go for a walk to ease up my sore muscles but my tummy was rumbling and the promise of food was too much for me to deal with. Ended up caving after 5000 steps and headed home to eat. Ended up getting a rather late Epsom Salt bath which resulted in a 12am post bath shower, plus point though….I washed my hair!


The day of the shelf! It was finally time for my shelf to go up. Yayyyyyy! It took a while, involved 2 trips to a DIY shop and 4 hours late but it was up! Highlight of my day. I’ve finally got somewhere to display my gorgeous pampas grass bouquet. It wasn’t the cheapest but it’s oh so pretty and it’s taking pride of place on #shelfie.

I also managed to turf our Gino off his favourite yellow armchair, it was badly in need of a steam so off he went while I steamed away. He gave me the skank eyes from his position on the floor. He was fuming. But the chair is now spotless. Small victories.

I also hit 1k followers on my gram. Held a giveaway. I’m over the moon. Yassssssssssss!

Took a sneaky hour away from work to browse for bits to put on my shelf. Found an Only Fools And Horses style planter but alas, it was too big so I have a Llama planter instead. Also bought a funky little letter holder. Not that we get much post but it looked the part. Tremendous.

Also done a workout. Can’t remember too much about it. Probably blocked it all out. They aren’t getting much easier.


The day of the door. Dad arrived to paint our front door. I was going to do it myself and then I realised that it needed a fair few coats of primer and Dad mentioned sanding down between layers, I switched off at that point. It wasn’t looking like an easy job so Dad offered. Sorted. Didn’t realise that each coat of primer would need 16 hours to dry. Cue Mum drying the front door with my Dyson hairdryer. I ran next door to rob theirs to give her a hand, all whilst getting pelted with rain. Not chic. Gave up. Dad realised he would have to return for coat 2 the next day. Took mum shopping to Aldi and Sainsbury’s. Picked up some walking boots and 2 faux Cacti for the next hall shelf that I’ve got in mind.

Fitted in a workout and had cod for tea but managed to mess up the timings. I was exhausted from shopping and it threw me off my cooking game. Had a late night and not a great sleep. Fuming.

Hope you all had a good week!

See you on the next one.


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