How To Have A Successful Lockdown

How To Have A Successful Lockdown

So, lockdown again eh!? I know, I know. Those words are enough to put anyone in a bad mood but as Wednesday draws to a close and lockdown number 2 is on it’s way, I thought I would share some thoughts on how to make this lockdown a little easier for all of us.

First of all remember, it won’t be forever although I understand 4 weeks can seem like a long time. It will be over soon and it will hopefully bring us another step closer to normality.

This lockdown will be different as the days will be shorter and the weather won’t be at it’s finest, but with a little shift in attitude we can get through it! We’ve gotten through one lockdown before, we can definitely do it again!

Stay healthy, get enough sleep, drink water and eat your greens!

A healthy body and mind is key to staying fit this Winter. I always need more sleep in the Winter, I have no idea why but I’m tired quicker so I know I need an extra hour or 2 in bed. Plus getting up on dark mornings is super hard so I deffo try and pack in as many hours as I can!

Self care, self care and more self care.

It’s not exactly easy for one to be forced to stay indoors for a long amount of time, so whatever you need to do to get through this crazy time, do it. If you need 2 hour baths each night with a facemask on, do it! We often don’t stop and do what our bodies are telling us. Self care doesn’t have to be beauty based, it can be in any form! If reading is your thing, go for it. If sitting in a quiet room for an hour to escape the kids/pets/partner is your thing, go ahead! Recognising what you need to do to give yourself a break is important and following through to give yourself said break is even more important.


Everyone knows that exercise is key to a healthy mind. It helps with your mental health immensely. Now that gyms are closed your exercise doesn’t need to stop. Home workouts can be super effective. There are loads of different types on YouTube from HIIT, Tabatha, Dance Classes, even walking! Yes that’s right Walking With Leslie is amazing. I love her. If workouts aren’t your thing then get yourself outside for a run or a walk. Take advantage of the Goverment rules and meet outside with someone from another household. Or maybe head out on a clear evening and do some stargazing! If you don’t fancy outside, then bring the outside in. Throw those windows open and get some fresh air in. Blow away the cobwebs.


I’m not talking about a diet detox, I mean a social media detox. Social Media can be a fabulous place but at times it can be overwhelming. During the first lockdown, I avoided the news. Coronavirus was everywhere and I couldn’t cope with hourly updates of how many cases there were. I uninstalled all the news apps on my phone and limited my social media use to an hour a day. It worked wonders for me. Make sure you’re only following positive content. Now is the time to unfollow any accounts that bring you down. We are all going to be scrolling a lot more so make sure you’re following content that makes you happy.

It’s good to talk.

Not only to keep your spirits up, it helps others too. During lockdown we are forced to spend a lot of time alone with our thoughts, talking helps us to feel less isolated and more connected with others, even if it is just virtually.

Shop local where you can.

2020 has been a bad year for self-employed and small businesses. They need our help now more than ever. Make someone do a happy dance when they get your order. As a small business owner I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when we get jobs booked in. Some months it’s the difference between the mortgage being paid or not. Try and make conscious decisions.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break.

Being kind to yourself is the most important thing you can do. Don’t compare your journey with others. They are on their own path. If people are exercising 3 times a day then that’s ok. If you’re eating everything in sight, that’s ok too. You don’t have to be productive all the time. You do you and don’t compare yourself to others. There is no pressure and no judgement.

There we have it. Wishing everyone the best over these next couple of weeks. Wash your hands and stay inside! If anyone needs a chat at any time please drop me a msg.

See you on the next one!



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