Lockdown Made Me DIY It.

Lockdown Made Me DIY It.

I’ve never really featured interiors on my blog before, not too sure why to be honest. It’s not like I’m not a fan. In fact, I’m quite partial to a bit of DIY. I’ve always been a dab hand with a paintbrush and I practically live at Ikea. After living in my current house for 5 years we’ve completed quite a bit of work on it such as; Garage conversion, home office made and moved, rejigged our kitchen cupboards to give us more storage space, painted the whole house and wallpapered the landing, then we ran out of steam in year 3. 

Gave up and frankly, we couldn’t be arsed. 

Then lockdown happened. 

When lockdown first happened in March we had a week without work. The stress of what would happen to our business paired with the anxiety of losing clients and having no money lead me to a virtual queue on B&Q. Next thing I know, I’m knee-deep in paint colours and I’m ordering prints off Etsy like there’s no tomorrow. 

I had a vision. To be fair, I’d had this vision for a while. My instagram saved folder was full of bright vivid hallways filled with prints and colour. I knew since forever I had always wanted a gallery wall but I never had the time to plan it. It’s amazing how much you can plan in a week! That was it, I was off! 

I ordered around 30 or so prints, found all different frames from eBay and Facebook Marketplace, got my paint colour I liked and off I went. I was determined to get my hallway all fixed up. Adam knew better than to stop me, I was like a tornado. Next thing I know my door frames are pink and I’ve got a shower cap on and I’m repainting our ceiling white. Not gonna lie, deciding on the layout of the prints on the wall was a bit stressful and I think Adam wanted to divorce me at one point. He’d catch me staring at the wall and I know he’d know what I was thinking. We ended up rearranging the layout of the prints 3 times, soz abar me. 

When the wall was complete I moved onto the downstairs loo. Saw something on Tik Tok I wanted to recreate, but I just needed more paint. All the DIY shops were out of paint because of cranks like me so I raided my Mother-in-law’s shed and found half empty tins that would work. Boom, 2 days later and 3 rolls of masking tape, I was done!

The bloody skirting boards. They’d gotten all dull and now that the walls in the hallway had been painted it showed them up even more. Nope that wouldn’t do. They would need to be repainted. 

The kitchen was painted a very pale blue. We have a south facing kitchen with patio doors and 4 skylights and it’s a bloody pain in the bum. The sun shines directly through those windows so strongly, showing up every speck of dust and it bleaches everything including my spirits in my drinks trolley. The walls needed topping up. Off to the Valspar counter I go for a nice big tin of Blueberry White. 

My Brother-in-law popped round for a garden chat during lockdown, next thing I know he’s volunteering to help me paint. I’m not gonna say no am I?! 3 days later my kitchen is done.

I hate maroon. 

Everytime I pulled up outside our house the colour of our front door would make me die a bit inside. Maroon. Since restrictions had lifted and I was practically bezzies with the man at the Valspar counter I decided there was no time like the present. Only problem was work was busy. I roped in my Dad and he got started on sanding, priming and painting our front door and garage from miserable Maroon to a lovely warm yellow. While all that was getting done I might as well change that horrid light outside, and wait, I want rid of that shitty Ebay special house number I’ve had since we moved in. I found a signpainter on Insta who’s work I’d been admiring for years and got him round to hand paint me a nice shiny number 7. Few changes to the letterbox and door handle and I was done! 

Next was the garden. 

The patio was always on the list to be extended and our garden plans were due to start next year but since Thailand was scrapped, there was no point sitting around. At this point the world and his wife had decided to start their garden so getting my sandstone of choice proved to be difficult, but nothing comes between me and Kandla grey so I spent HOURS sourcing them. (Scouse girls are notoriously good at tracking things down) and I found them. I’ll admit Joseph Parr didn’t turn out to be the best choice in the end (customer service-wise) but sandstone ordered, landscapers hired and boom…..garden started. 

It was simple really. We wanted the patio extending. Not so simple when the current patio was the size of a postage stamp and it was wonky as anything. The whole garden is wonky including the grass but we didn’t have the budget for new turf, (oh, I wish we did) but alas it was not to be. New patio and drainage added in cos the builders didn’t think that drains would be a good idea when building the house. Note the sarcasm. 

To raise or not to raise? I wanted the patio raised, it didn’t quite happen. Not too sure why. But I got a step, fair enough. I quite like my step. Plus I got a funky little ramp to help us wheel the bins in and out which is grand. I also got a fairly straight-ish new patio with swanky new flags. Made up. 

With my garden getting done, the next job was the rest of the garden. We picked out our patio furniture, our shed, our wheelie bin storage and our pergola. But we left the most stressful thing to the end. The bloody raised flowerbeds.

Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be discussing why we are still doing DIY during Lockdown 2.0 but for now I’ll leave you with these pictures of our beautiful garden! 

Have you partaken in any Lockdown DIY? Let me know in the comments,

See you on the next one!



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