Kérastase Resistance Bain Force Hair Product Review

Kérastase Resistance Bain Force Hair Product Review

I don’t think I’ve ever written a hair product review before on my blog. Hair products aren’t something I’ve ever given much thought about, seeing as my hair spends most of its life in a messy bun (soz hair), but I finally decided to splash out on some fancy new hair products and thought I’d share my thoughts. 

I kept getting sponsored ads on Insta for Kérastase and one of my fave instagrammer (Stef Fit) shared an IGTV of her hair washing routine that was so sexual that it had me reaching for my card details. Yes, I’m aware online marketing works like a magnet on me, but what I can say? I appreciate a good bit of targeted content ?

Anyways, I had always wondered about Kérastase. I’ve looked them up loads and to be honest it all seemed a bit confusing. They’re a French brand and that’s super lovely but my french is a little bit ‘Mange tout, Rodney’ rather than Jenna Coleman in The Serpent. I’ve never really known what range to buy, what products they are and what the hell Kérastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte is. 

Translation: It’s Shampoo for damaged hair, to me and you. 

After spending a good couple of days on Look Fantastic, I’d narrowed it down and the Resistance Bain Force was looking like the range for me. I’ve got damaged hair, granted it’s not as bad as it was when it was blonde, but I’d still use quite a bit of heat on it and I’m not always ‘on it’ with the heat protectant. The Resistance Bain Force range claimed to cleanse and strengthen my hair leaving it soft, sleek and protected. I also decided to get the matching conditioner (Resistance Ciment Anti Usure). Now these were coming out at £39.90 for the both of them (Shampoo was £17.90 and Conditioner was £22) and that’s when I noticed Look Fantastic had a deal on where you get the shampoo, conditioner and a heat protectant blow-drying cream for £58.40. That’s what I sprung for. Yes, it was more than what I pay for me gas and leccy for the month but you can’t put a price on good hair. That’s what I told myself anyways.


I’ve never used expensive shampoo before. It was a revelation. The shampoo smelt expensive. It lathered up great. I only needed a tiny amount compared to the gallon I usually use and I definitely only needed to wash it once. I’m usually a 2 wash kinda gal. It was thick and luxurious and my hair definitely felt less tangled after I’d washed it. The conditioner was lovely; the smell was fruity and zingy but not too strong. This was more like a conditioning treatment than a traditional conditioner. I left it on for 5 mins while doing all my other bits in the shower and it was super easy to wash out and my hair definitely felt easier to manage. 

The Ciment Thermique is primarily an aftercare product. You use this on wet hair prior to blow-drying. This product is designed to give your heat protection, to repair, to help smoothen hair and to speed up the blow-dry process by up to 85%. It does everything listed apart from speed up blow-dry. I haven’t noticed a difference in the time my hair takes to dry to be honest. It still takes an age. It definitely helps protect the hair from heat, though. My hair has improved since using this, the damage to the ends has nearly gone and my hair feels stronger and it isn’t snapping anywhere near as much. I adore this, in fact, I adore the whole range. Yes, it’s expensive but I’ve had it since Jan and I’m not even halfway through the products yet. It goes a lot further than any other shampoo and conditioner I’ve used. My hair is in great condition, even my fella has noticed. I’m going to keep up with Kérastase and explore more of their products. 

Here is a link to what I ordered. 

That’s it from me today, let me know if you’ve tried the Kérastase hair products and what’s your fave!

See you on the next one!




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