About me

My name is Emma, I’m 30 something, I live in Liverpool with the 3 loves of my life, my husband, Adam and followed closely by the other loves of my life, my cats, Gino and Giuseppe.

My day job is running my own media business with my husband after 2 failed attempts of a standard 9 to 5  I realised I am definitely made for the world of self-employment.  In a previous life, I was a professional dancer/choreographer for 15 years that travelled the world and saw bits of it between recovering from hangovers and napping.

Generally, I’m a fan of 80’s music, cats, food and hashtags.

I’m slightly obsessed with making lists, being organised, tidying & cleaning. I have a cleaning schedule and everything. Oh I’m an Aries.

I sometimes upload on my YouTube channel.I regularly post on my Instagram and my Insta stories. I also have a Twitter and a Facebook page too in case there weren’t enough postings for you to keep track of!

We are big fans of travelling and we document all our travels on our Youtube Channel here and also over on our Instagram under the account In Our Case.

I hope you find my ramblings fun and vaguely amusing to see what I’ve been writing about recently then check out my latest blog post below.

For PR please check out my disclaimer page.

I love getting to know you all so make sure you head over to my socials and give me a follow.

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