• Fashion

    All hail the flat shoes 🙌

    I actually can’t believe I’m writing a blog post about my love for flat shoes. It’s official…I’m old and I barely recognise myself. I was always a heels girl. Poor Adam met me in a time we’ll call P.U. (Pre Uggs). That was such a glamorous time. I was the girl about town, weekly shop done in heels, clothes shopping in town was always in at least a 4″ heel. Nights out, well that’s when the big boys came out, platforms, stripper heels, you name it I had them. I literally used to hop into a black cab to take me between drink stops of a Saturday night because I…

  • Fashion

    Asos, Missguided & Zara haul

    I’ve been shopping! My wardrobe badly needed updating and an injection of colour as it was drab, miserable and black. Plus, I haven’t bought anything new since Autumn so it was needed. As usual I headed to Zara because, well, it’s like THE best high street shop and of course ASOS. No explanation needed. I managed to find some perfect bits for Spring and I’ve brought all of these together in one haul video for you. How nice am I?! You are so welcome. All links to clothes are below* Zara Flamingo T shirt White dress ZARA : Out of stock Zara white cheesecloth blouse Zara floral bodysuit, sold out…

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