Top 5 Netflix Films

Rinsed all of the Box Sets? Sick to the back teeth of Disney+ already? Think you’ve watched every decent film on Netfilx? Then keep reading, I’m going to share some of my favourite top 5 films to watch on Netflix that aren’t necessarily trending yet and I think are worthy of a watch, or even […]

Why I’m struggling

The subject of this blog post was supposed to be all about how to manage a successful work-life balance, but since I broke down in the middle of town on Friday night after a couple of cocktails crying about how exhausted I am, I hardly think I am well equipped to talk about that. So, […]

My go to podcasts

Aren’t podcasts brilliant? Sometimes I will find my finger hovering over the podcast button on Spotify a little bit too often. I love music, I constantly have my phone blaring out music like a personal ghetto-blaster but there are some times that call for a podcast. Mine is when I’m driving or when I’m cooking […]

Be kind and stop the shaming.

You’ll never hear a bunch of women stand around and say positive things about their body. It’s always derogatory comments about the size of our thighs/stomach/bums. Why do we do this? Is it a natural way of protecting yourself in case someone else rudely points out your “flaws’. Maybe. Maybe it’s because women generally compare […]

Happy Capitalist Rip Off Day!

I hate Valentine’s day. It’s official. Maybe it’s because I was never sent cards in school, maybe it’s because I can’t stand the massive consumer push behind it or maybe it’s simply because I’m an ice queen completely void of romance…you decide! Saying you don’t like Valentine’s day is like saying you don’t like kids. […]

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