Why I’m struggling

The subject of this blog post was supposed to be all about how to manage a successful work-life balance, but since I broke down in the middle of town on Friday night after a couple of cocktails crying about how exhausted I am, I hardly think I am well equipped to talk about that. So, […]

My go to podcasts

Aren’t podcasts brilliant? Sometimes I will find my finger hovering over the podcast button on Spotify a little bit too often. I love music, I constantly have my phone blaring out music like a personal ghetto-blaster but there are some times that call for a podcast. Mine is when I’m driving or when I’m cooking […]

Be kind and stop the shaming.

You’ll never hear a bunch of women stand around and say positive things about their body. It’s always derogatory comments about the size of our thighs/stomach/bums. Why do we do this? Is it a natural way of protecting yourself in case someone else rudely points out your “flaws’. Maybe. Maybe it’s because women generally compare […]

Why I won’t be Hinching

I’m just gonna throw it out there and say I’m not a fan of Mrs Hinch. I like a super clean house and if only I knew that filming me cleaning my bin would have made my Insta flare up I would have done it years ago. I’m actually gutted I never thought of sharing […]

There’s no business like show business

I feel like I could talk about my life as a dancer for hours. I’ve been super lucky to have worked as a dancer for around 14 years (badly showing my age here). I have travelled the world, met my husband and made some lifelong friends along the way. It’s been a crazy, emotional, thrilling, […]

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