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    Back To School – The Adult Version

    No, I haven’t turned into a mother overnight but for most of the day yesterday, Facebook was covered in the back to school photos and it got me thinking. Do we as adults have a back to school regime like the kids? I mean, we’re not in Markie’s trying on school uniforms and buying blazers 2 sizes too big, but there are some tasks that I think are definitely *back to school* based. I don’t know about you but I never experienced the back to school buzz like most kids seemed to. I absolutely hated school but I did love getting new stationery and new shoes….obvs!  I have compiled a…

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    All about food and meal prep

    Since spending January rewatching Friends on Netflix I have discovered that I am Monica. I always knew I connected with her on some level but it turns out, I am actually her. My husband even bought me a label maker for Christmas, and it was my favourite present! So today I thought I would fully embrace the Monica in me and bring you a blog post all about how I plan our meals. I am the main organiser, cook and shopper in our household. There are only 2 of us that live here and if my husband had to do it we would starve to death. So, every Saturday I…

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